Coffee's M.U.G.E.N Vault

Like the Disney one but its not a scam to get parents to impulse buy.

In all seriousness, this is a page dedicated to my old creations. This page is for the sake of archival/preservation purposes only and the majority of these characters aren't great to put it lightly. They are not representative of my current skill level AT ALL. Some of these character ideas I plan to redo in the future, which will be marked with an asterisk.

Click on the name of the character/stage you want. List is currently incomplete.

TheSlkmugen-era Characters:

Rocko Sonic Zim Whoild Krunk
Rocko (based on TIS2012's) Sonic the Hedgehog Invader Zim Whoild (based on TIS2012's) Krunk
Darkwing Duck Len Patrick Star Tepig DoodleBob
Darkwing Duck (if you thought Wlan's was bad...) Len Patrick Star Tepig DoodleBob (Technically incomplete)

MisdreavusLord159-era Characters:

Gir Kermit the Frog Lilligant Gary the Snail Littlefoot
Gir* Kermit the Frog (NOT TIS2012 or Pasta Boi's edit)* Lilligant* Gary the Snail* Littlefoot*
Suika Ibuki SwaySway Mugman
Suika Ibuki SwaySway* Mugman (Lemurboy123)*

CoffeeFlavoredMilk-era Characters:

Momoka Sonokawa Koopa Troopa
Momoka Sonokawa* (Technically incomplete) Koopa Troopa* (Technically incomplete)


Hamtaro Gallade Squidward Filburt Danger Mouse
Hamtaro* (Original by Melchior M. Phillips) Gallade (Original by Claymizer; basically just makes the projectile worthless) Squidward (Original by Warioman/Zobbes) Filburt (Original by BeanFan112) Danger Mouse (Original by WlanmaniaX)
Ren Stimpy Ian
Ren Hoek* (Original by MelvanaInChains/WlanmaniaX) Stimpy* (Original by WlanmaniaX) Ian (Edit of Pre-Release beta by Beanfan112)

Punching Bags (-_-):